Kenya: Was Rick Ross Nairobi Concert the Most Expensive Lip Sync?

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A maddening traffic gridlock, a muddy venue and a one-hour delay. That was the highlight of American rapper Rick Ross’ concert in Nairobi on Saturday night at Carnivore grounds.

The Purple Lamborghini hit maker walked on stage at exactly 2:30am and wasted almost 10 minutes just prancing and parading himself with some of his songs playing in the background.

And even when he finally started spitting on the mic, all there was to it was a lot of walking up and down the stage while dropping just a few verses here and there, as his songs played in the background.

An hour later, he was off the stage after lip syncing some of his famous hits, never mind that fact that some of his fans forked out Sh10,000 just to watch him live.

Urban hip hop group Camp Mullah, who have not released a single in years, were first in line to warm up the stage for Rick Ross.

Rapper Khaligraph Jones had the fans going with his hits while crowd puller Nyashinski gave out his best to the sold out audience.

NRG Radio hosts Mwalimu Racheal was the MC of the night. Rapper and Mwalimu’s radio co-host Timmy T Dat also did a few numbers.

While the concert had been billed as Nairobi’s most anticipated concert this year, at the end of the night, some fans were left wondering if that was the ultimate ‘Boss Experience’.