Khadija Abdullahi Daleys- Celebrating the life of a pioneer

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Legendary Somali singer has passed away in Toronto, Canada at the age of 81. Named the mother of Somali music, Khadija was the first female singer to ever be heard on the radio, she was also a well known philanthropist and advocate for women and children. This musical trailblazer has been an inspiration to many of today’s hottest Somali Afrobeat stars like fellow artist and Daleys’ friend, Abdi Gab. Gab, told National Public Radio, “that the late musician was met with resistance after her debut radio appearance because, ‘at that time no Somali women were singing on radio’ ”. He went on to explain t “Daleys inspired generations of Somali women to find their voice. She became not only one of the most beloved musicians in the country but also one of its most important political voices, advocating for independence and pan-Africanism – and in this song, calling on Africans to love their blackness.”